Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Blogging (without) light

My apologies in advance to anyone who comments and doesn't get a quick reply, or gets only an inadequate reply. The recent storm has meant that I've had no electricity at home since Friday night. That means less sleep than normal (because it's so hot and the air-conditioning isn't working), which isn't good for thinking. It also means I only have internet access in my office, and I don't spend much time there because a) I'm too groggy to do much work, and b) my kids are off school for the summer. Normal service should resume in a day or two. I hope. 


  1. Oh man, I've been exactly where you are- after hurricanes Katrina and then Gustav. People who haven't been through this have no idea how fricking horrible it is in the heat for days on end without any power anywhere when you are worried about your kids.

    After Gustav the politicians down here talked about burying the power lines (as they do in all of the countries that still have nice infrastructure). But this talk only lasted about five minutes; when it became clear that doing so would involve higher marginal tax rates they went back to their normal m.o. And every hurricane season we just wait for it to happen again.

  2. The kids are actually doing surprisingly well, but it is hot. Why power lines are not buried is beyond me, and this kind of thing is surely likely to become more common with global climate change. (But then that's a myth, of course, and we can't raise taxes without punishing job-creators. Grr/sigh.)

    Thanks for the sympathy and welcome to the blog.