Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Nordic Wittgenstein Review

This is very good news. Trying to identify which bits of information to cut and paste, I think I've concluded that anyone interested should just read the whole thing. But, in brief, it's a new journal for Wittgenstein-related research (broadly conceived), featuring open access and open review, and with the first issue focusing on Wittgenstein and Ethics. Hooray!


  1. Yes, I saw this. I'm partly tempted to look back at my Inquiry paper and think about putting together a sequel (as it were) in which I look at some aspects of the "is there anything to discuss?" question that I'm not sure I adequately dealt with there, especially what might seem like a parallel between what Ramsey says about there being nothing to discuss and LW's remark in TLP that the happy man and the sad man are in altogether different worlds. (But I don't know if I'd be inclined to say anything much different after than from what I said in the first paper.)

  2. I meant: "anything much different after that..."

  3. If you have more to say on that topic then you certainly should say it, and this seems like a great venue. I suppose that might just sound like stating the obvious, but I think that's a very fine paper, and I imagine a 'sequel' to it would be just the kind of thing they are looking for.