Thursday, August 18, 2011

Even the Rain

También la lluvia is a film I highly recommend. It's about a film crew that goes to Bolivia and exploits the local people in order to make a film about Columbus and others exploiting the local people when they first came to America. It's one of those rare films where every shot is well composed--not distractingly, but so that the movie is always visually interesting (color, contrasts of bright light and shadow, etc.). It also raises questions about the buying and selling of natural resources (in this case water), and includes a good example of a kind of Good Samaritan case. (I find these interesting because of the question in what sense one cannot leave the person to die: should we talk of rights, or moral obligation, or something else in such cases?) It has its own point of view, but it isn't unbearably heavy-handed (I thought).

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