Monday, January 10, 2011

Anscombe: "the next big thing"

According to Candace Vogler in The New York Times.  Wow.

(Thanks to Brian Leiter, without whose blog I would not have found this story.)

Let's hope her moral philosophy gets some of this coming attention.

UPDATE: the Times article says: "the philosophy of action — a sub-field concerned with how our brains cause our bodies to do things."  This is not how Anscombe would describe the field.  Intention is about intention, not causation, about what it is to do something intentionally.  And that is not a matter of what causes what, as she sees it.   


  1. I just received your book in the mail. Looks very interesting! I don't know too much about Anscombe's moral philosophy, so I look farward to delving into it. There are just a few other things -- as always -- I need to do first.

  2. There is always too much to read. Thanks, though, and I hope you like the book.