Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Choice and Action

Stuart W. Mirsky's new book is now available. Here's the description on amazon:
Moral valuing has long posed a special challenge to philosophers because it purports to establish objectively sustainable claims -- despite their apparent grounding in merely human sentiment. Stuart W. Mirsky here addresses the implications of a sentiment-based moral faculty re: questions of relativism and nihilism by exploring the ways in which we value things and how we come to grant such claims knowledge status. In a series of essays attacking the problem from several different angles, Mirsky develops a picture that places moral valuation in the context of valuing generally to show how moral claims attain their seemingly special status via a pragmatic notion of rational agency. In so doing, he rediscovers and re-emphasizes the essential role of the subject, the aware self, in our moral calculus.


  1. " via a pragmatic notion of rational agency" not a promising start, we need to require some developmental psychology for all in philo depts.

    1. Maybe so, but he's an independent scholar so requirements for philosophy departments wouldn't affect him.

    2. but he studied academic philo
      some early roots of math: