Thursday, January 15, 2015

Some things I've written that are unpublished, or published online, or published in print but very hard to find I put on Some of these things have been seen by hundreds of people, which is surely much greater than the number of people who have seen (let alone actually read) most of my other works. So it seems to be a useful way to spread ideas, not all of which (I hope) are completely worthless.

With that in mind I've just added two pieces that started life on this blog. One is the notes I used when I taught a seminar in Mexico on Winch and Wittgenstein. The other is a talk I gave on the significance of religious experience. I'm not at all sure about the talk--things came up at work that meant I wasn't able to spend as much time preparing it as I would have liked. But I think I agree with it.

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