Monday, July 8, 2013


All the recent talk of blog anniversaries sent me off to see when mine is. Turns out my first post was on July 2nd 2010, so just over three years ago. I posted 28 times that month! I've slowed down since, but I'm never sure whether that's a good thing. I sometimes find it easy to avoid real work by telling myself that blogging is work, but I also find that blogging sometimes really is productive. In a perfect world I would post something almost every day, but it's probably just as well that this isn't a perfect world. Still, Kelly Jolley's claim to have written "quite a bit of–well, why shrink from it?–crap" sounds like a challenge to me. You call that crap? I'll show you crap. 

On the other hand, recent visits from Graham Harman, David Stern, and Brian Leiter make me think I should avoid writing crap. At least about other people. I try to avoid this anyway, of course, but I have become aware of how different what is received sometimes is from what I transmit. Which is disconcerting. And I do tend to assume that only a few friends are reading, which is probably a bad idea. Resolved: must try harder.

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