Friday, February 15, 2013

Ethics and the Philosophy of Culture

I don't think it's out yet, but it looks as though this collection will be published soon.  It includes papers by Olli Lagerspetz, Alice Crary, Don Levi, Mikel Burley, Sergio Benvenuto, Lars Hertzberg, Pär Segerdahl, Joel Backström, Tove Österman, Anniken Greve, and me, plus an introduction by Ylva Gustafsson, Camilla Kronqvist and Hannes Nykänen.

David Cockburn says:
This is a very worthwhile collection. All of the essays are informed by a strong knowledge of, and sympathy for, Wittgenstein, and develop strands in his thinking in fresh and interesting ways. They also, however, bring a distinctive angle to issues of broad philosophical interest in a way that should make the collection of value to anyone who is concerned with the fundamental questions of ethics, culture and religion that are its focus. One might add that (in contrast to much contemporary philosophy) most of these essays are a real pleasure to read.
Which is nice of him. The people you would expect to be good are indeed on good form here, but there are some very nice surprises from people whose work I didn't know before too. (I am not including myself in either category, by the way.)


  1. Thanks for the tip. Looks good! (And congrats on your contribution to the volume.)

  2. Thanks! When it comes out I'll try to put some sort of review up here.

  3. Wow! Thanks Duncan, I look forward to reading it!