Saturday, February 23, 2013

Daniel D. Hutto reviews Wittgenstein at His Word

I knew that Daniel D. Hutto had reviewed Wittgenstein at His Word but I had not seen the whole review before. Here it (or a draft of it) is at The reviews I remember reading struck me as having missed the point I was trying to make in the book, which of course shows that I did not make my point clearly enough. Hutto seems to have seen through the murk to what I was trying to say. His conclusion that "while the book makes a strong case for taking Wittgenstein at his word and gives an interesting view of what this means, it hardly supplies the final word" strikes me as fair, or even generous.


  1. Reading reviews of your own philosophy book must be a scary experience - it's bad enough for me with blog posts!

    Also, your book looks interesting (though I must admit I'm more on the Hacker wing of things). Is it available as an eBook?

  2. I think there's an illegal eBook version around, not sure about a legal one.

    Most reviewers are polite and try to say at least something nice, so it isn't too scary. Although if a book is really bad then it can seem only fair to the potential buyer to warn them off it. So far I haven't had the experience of receiving that kind of review. (Touch wood, just a matter of time, etc.)