Sunday, September 2, 2012


3 Quarks Daily is having a philosophy blog post contest, as you probably know, but since they have asked people to spread the word I am linking to it here. I decided to enter too, although I'm not sure I really post the kind of substantial piece I imagine they are looking for. There's nothing much to lose, so why not? Good luck to all readers of this blog who enter.

Secondly, two mysteries involving Brian Leiter. Jon Cogburn invites people to link this picture of Leiter, so here I am doing just that. I assume this is so that people who search for pictures of Leiter find one that he approves of rather than something less flattering, although I prefer the others that show up. Not out of any malice (is there some really terrible picture that I'm not seeing?) but because the other pictures I found when I searched looked more natural.

The other Leiter-related oddity is this post of his denying that he publishes gossip. I assume this is a response to some claim to the contrary, but he provides no link, and searching for "Leiter gossip" just brought me back to the post denying that there is any gossip on his site. Well, that and various people complaining about him, but the complaints were from several years ago and didn't focus on talk of gossip. Odd.

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