Thursday, September 20, 2012

Congratulations and good luck to vh!

Friend of the blog vh has made the top ten in the 3QD Philosophy blog competition. I thought I had seen the top six with three added "wild card" picks by the judges, but I don't see that now so perhaps I imagined it or they are making changes. Anyway, good luck vh, and congratulations on writing such a good post.


  1. Thanks for that.

    I must admit, flying in as number nine really got my hopes up, but, alas, I fear this isn't something you have made up. I am twisting my brain to come up with an explanation for such a (outrageous!) result, and the only thing I can think of is this: Their wild cards just weren't wild enough for me.

  2. You were in the people's top nine but not the establishment's. That ought to be a badge of honor. I'm glad Dave Maier is there, though, so there's still someone to root for. It's a strange system, and I'm sure it doesn't work perfectly.

  3. I never meant to sound embittered. I blame the wounded tone (as well as the strange formulations) of my last comment on my reduced condition yesterday. I was trying to be funny, but having been sick and unable to eat for a couple of days and also having spent ten hours in an open boat on the Arctic Ocean, this may not have worked so well.... Finishing in the people's top nine, is indeed honourable. And, though I would have loved making the final cut, not being too pop with the establishment does secretly appeal to the anarchist in me too.

    Dave Maier's post was one of the posts I hadn't read, but, I agree, it is a good one. Good luck to him.

  4. You were funny! I didn't think you sounded wounded at all. Although ten hours on the Arctic Ocean and two days being sick would make me sound wounded and bitter. I hope you're fully recovered.