Thursday, February 2, 2012

Required reading

There are blogs I look at every day and then there are ones that don't get updated often enough for that to seem worthwhile. One of these is SOH-Dan. So imagine my delight when I checked the other day and saw that it's active again (or rather, its author, Daniel Lindquist, is actively blogging again). See here for his first new post since August.

Elsewhere, there's a good interview with Roger Teichmann at 3am, in which he talks about Anscombe,  naturalism, and other topics. Here's a taste:
Now I wouldn’t want to say that scientific facts can never be relevant to a philosophical problem, or anything like that; the dispute here rather concerns the distinctive aims and methods of philosophy on the one hand and of science on the other. But there is also the fact that scientism or science-worship is a cultural phenomenon, an element of the Zeitgeist, and in certain ways a dangerous one; so it is depressing to see philosophers succumbing to it.



  1. Finding time to blog while doing classwork is hard! This is why RSS readers exist.

  2. Facepalm! I didn't realize I could subscribe to blogs by entering their url on google reader. I always look for the "subscribe to" button. Or I did until now.