Friday, July 8, 2011


Kelly Dean Jolley has a (new) blog. And it looks (not surprisingly) good.

If you read Brian Leiter's blog then you already know this, but there are some interesting photographs of and by Wittgenstein here. (Click "view the slideshow" and look to the right for captions on each picture.) Some of these are familiar, others not (to me anyway). And some of the best known were composed by Wittgenstein, which I didn't know. This one is a composite, family resemblance picture he made (with Moritz Nar) of himself and his sisters Gretl, Hermine, and Helene.

Finally, some last thoughts on Clive James. His entry on Sartre is really bad. He lumps all recent well-known French philosophers together and writes them off, along with Heidegger, using some insults and a quotation from Sartre taken out of context. It's the usual "make sense of this if you can; you can't?; then you must agree it's all rubbish" argument. James also shows that he doesn't know what 'scientism' means. On the other hand, he does quote some good stuff from Pedro Henriquez Ureña ("Great art begins where grammar ends") and Paul Valéry ("Sometimes something wants to be said, sometimes a way of saying wants to be used"), which he doesn't connect (but I do). 

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