Tuesday, February 8, 2011

We are as yet uncertain of the effects the recent crisis will have.

I just received an email announcing this conference:
CfP: 7th CEU conference in Social Sciences:
The Normative Significance of the Crisis
Chair: Andres Moles (molesa@ceu.hu), Central European University
We are as yet uncertain of the effects the recent crisis will have. We have even less certainty about the extent to which it will challenge some of our normative views about what the global order should be or about how we should organize domestic political institutions. The panel reflects on how recent changes in the political arena impact on our normative views, and how our normative views can direct whatever changes need to be made to existing institutions and practices.
The organizers provide hotel accommodation (two nights) and meals for all presenters,
Refer to ceuconf2011@yahoo.com for further enquiries. Abstracts should be sent to the panel chair (molesa@ceu.hu)
Deadline for paper proposals: March 1, 2011.
More about the conference: http://ceuconf2011.wordpress.com/panels/
Is Franz Kafka writing calls for papers now?

(If you have no idea what I'm talking about the following information might help: 1) I'm a little punchy after teaching and being in meetings all day; 2) I do not know which crisis this refers to; 3) the conference is at Central European University, which makes me think of Kafka in particular even though it's in Budapest and not Prague.)


  1. Never mind that you don't know which crisis we're talking about. Pretend that you do, and write a paper on that, focusing on how it (this crisis or whatever) will inflict on our existing institutions and practices.

    It will be worth it. Accommodation and meals for two days! And Budapest is such a nice city.

  2. Yes, Budapest is nice. It might be fun to write a paper that never mentions which crisis, norms, or institutions are involved. And free meals plus hotel is a very good deal.