Saturday, February 26, 2011

Best films of 2010

I finally watched The Social Network last night (the DVD from Netflix has been sitting at home for a week or so). It's pretty good, and worth seeing, but I'm surprised it's being called the best film of the year. So I checked Roger Ebert's picks from 2010:

  1. The Social Network
  2. The King's Speech (OK to good--almost nothing happens, but it's all very well done.)
  3. Black Swan (disappointing--once the hallucinations begin it's hard to regard anything you 'see' as worth caring about, and it's all very humorless)
  4. I Am Love (stylish, but not much more than that unless it's intended as Christian propaganda -- as in God is love -- showing that sins get punished. I can't remember the details, but I remember this thought crossing my mind when I saw it.)
  5. Winter's Bone (well made sadness)
  6. Inception (merely OK, in a Matrix-y kind of way)
  7. The Secret in Their Eyes (very good murder mystery and love story, which reflects also on Argentina's past)
  8. The American (a less stylish Day of the Jackal without the historical interest and with egregious sex plus a couple of pointless twists--rubbish)
  9. Kids Are All Right (OK, not quite sure what the point was, but the film stopped before the end when I saw it, and no one was around to fix it. Frustrating.)
  10. The Ghost Writer (like a good TV thriller/drama)
Looking at this list of 2010 movies, I would pick these instead:
  1. Dogtooth (surprisingly violent and incest-filled, but with images and ideas that burn onto your memory)
  2. North Face (German adventure story--a ripping yarn)
  3. Get Him to the Greek (surprisingly funny, but I had low expectations)
  4. Kick-Ass (comic-book type comedy)
  5. Iron Man 2 (comic-book type comedy)
  6. Agora (philosophy, history, and Rachel Weisz) 
  7. The Social Network
  8. 44 Inch Chest (British gangster film)
  9. The Girl Who Played With Fire (excellent TV-style murder story, saves you reading the book which is said to be badly written and very long)
  10. The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest (ditto)
Probably my favorite film of the year was Restrepo, but I'm sticking to fiction here.

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