Friday, March 16, 2018


Maybe I'm just unusually ignorant, but the version of the Encyclopedia Britannica that I remember seeing online contained either very short articles or perhaps an introductory paragraph followed by a message that I didn't have the right to read the rest of the article. As far as I can see this has changed, and not just because my library has taken out a subscription. The whole thing seems to be available for free as long as you don't mind seeing some ads. And the philosophy artifices look very good. There's Ray Monk on Wittgenstein, Roger T. Ames on Confucius, Wendy Doniger and others on Hinduism, and so on. Apologies if this is old news. 


  1. Why do you say "artifices"? I do want to see the articles as artifices in the older sense of that word, but it seems an odd choice, and also odd if it were a mistyping, since it would make me curious as to what your fingers were thinking of when they typed it. Whether it was your soul or your fingers, I'm wondering what's going on there?

    1. Now I'm wondering too. I mistyped, but don't know why. Probably an auto-correct error.