Thursday, January 11, 2018

Stephen Mulhall talks to Alan Montefiore


  1. thanks

    1. yes sorry should include titles, i think that sociologically speaking mulhall is just wrong to think that concepts/beliefs can't be reduced to their roles/uses in various settings, for example saying the creed at the ascribed time while sitting (or standing if that's the norm) is just the thing to do there/then as a good citizen/member, kierkegaard knew this well...

    2. No need to apologize!

      I haven't watched it yet so can't comment. But there is surely a difference between just going through the motions or being concerned to do the done thing and actually believing. Presumably this difference will show up in behavior elsewhere, or at least might do so, but still...

    3. my point isn't about going thru motions of being concerned my point is that saying the lord's creed (for example) isn't generally an exercise in theologizing but rather in something like being a member in good standing.