Thursday, November 24, 2016

What to read?

You can probably find things to read online without help from me, but these struck me as being particularly interesting:

Dimitrios Halikias on Samuel Bowles' The Moral Economy, on homo economicus and how policies based on belief in psychological egoism can fail and even backfire

Walter Benn Michaels on the importance of economic equality (h/t Camilla Kronqvist)

Candace Vogler on the purpose of higher education: here and here (warning: you won't find out what the purpose is from readings these posts, but there is a lot else that is good in them)

And if you're interested in inequality in the USA then this MOOC is great (even though it's claim to present just the facts is laughable--not because it's all liesi(t isn't) but because exclaiming and telling people that things are shocking is not being neutral)




  3. Read Arthur Schopenhauer, he's really good. Thinking of his philosophy as all about the idea that the thing in itself is will makes it seem marginal and relatively boring perhaps, but his writings are full of really impressive and interesting thoughts.