Wednesday, June 15, 2016

More videos

If you liked the video of Cora Diamond's recent lecture you might want to see if there's anything here you've missed:

Russell on Wittgenstein, Sea of Faith documentary on Wittgenstein, and Wittgenstein the movie

Cora Diamond speaking at Gregynog in Wales, 2011

Rai Gaita at the same conference

Stephen Mulhall on Wittgenstein (part 1, part 2) and as one of Melvyn Bragg's guests in a program on guilt

Stanley Cavell on "The Wittgensteinian Event" (and more Cavell here)

Lars Hertzberg in conversation with Frederick Stoutland on Georg von Wright and at Gregynog


  1. probably not news but lots of good links/info @

    1. Yes, including lots of videos here:

    2. yep, is there an American equivalent?

    3. Not really. There's this:

      Which is good, but fairly small. And then there are other societies in other countries, including these:

    4. thanks
      Juju, Evu, Witchcraft, the evil eye, Voodoo, black magic. There are many names for beliefs that supernatural forces can be harnessed by people who are out to cause harm. Harm to someone’s health, finances, relationships, even their political ambitions. Mike Williams asks why these beliefs still appear to have such a strong hold across different societies, crossing boundaries of wealth and education. And why some attempts to combat these “evil forces” might help in reinforcing fear in them. He speaks to Indian rationalist Sanal Edamaruku, anthropologists Dr Hermione Harris and Peter Geschiere, Line Mariani Playfair and campaigner Vicky Ntetema.