Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Aphorisms from Wittgenstein

These are from the so-called Koder diaries, published as "Movements of Thought" in Public and Private Occasions:
When mired in filth, there is only one thing to do: March. (p. 129, translation altered)
Luther was no Protestant. (p. 81)
If the moral law is natural I am inclined to defend its transgressor. (p. 77)
"White is also a sort of black." (p. 155, cf. Paul McCartney "Sadness isn't sadness. It's happiness in a black jacket," although I take it McCartney is sincere while Wittgenstein is merely noting a tendency in human thought.) 
Is being alone with oneself--or with God, not like being alone with a wild animal? It can attack you any moment.--But isn't that precisely why you shouldn't run away?! Isn't that, so to speak, what's glorious?! Doesn't it mean: grow fond of this wild animal!--And yet one must ask: Lead us not into temptation! (p. 247)

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