Friday, May 13, 2011

Don't stop believing

In comments here, Matt Pianalto said, "Maybe my forthcoming article on W in Inquiry [...] will spur the needed revolution...we can dream, right?" And what should show up in my Google reader just now but a link to this? My initial reaction was: "Fame!" I suppose that's an overreaction, but the dream is definitely alive and well right now. Congratulations, Matt!


  1. "...and your [Philosophical] Topics paper..." (which is at the press, btw).

    Thanks for the plug.

  2. You're welcome. I hope my editing of your comment isn't too misleading about what you were saying. I just wanted the focus in this post to be on your paper.

  3. As long as my comment is read with some irony, all is well. Thanks, again. (I've been out of town, so need to catch up on your blog.)